Efficient Purchasing Management

Simplify procurement processes, manage purchase requests, and streamline vendor interactions with our Supply Chain Package. Ensure timely delivery of goods and services while optimizing costs.

Comprehensive Inventory Control

Gain real-time visibility into your inventory, manage stock levels efficiently, and reduce carrying costs. Our package empowers you to track items accurately across multiple locations, improving overall supply chain management.

Demand-Driven Sales Forecasting

Enhance sales and demand planning with data-driven insights. Our package equips you with advanced forecasting tools, helping you align your production and inventory with customer demand, reducing stockouts, and boosting customer satisfaction.


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Streamline your procurement process with Purchasing Module. From purchase requests to order management, it simplifies vendor interactions, ensuring efficient and cost-effective procurement.

Request For Quotations (RFQ)
Vendor Classification / Comparison
Internal Purchase Requests
Purchase Orders
Inventory Integration
Purchasing Price Update Revaluation
Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Take complete control of your inventory with Inventory Control Module. Track stock levels, optimize reorder points, and minimize carrying costs for improved efficiency.

Warehouse Management
Inbound / Outbound Processes
Multiple Inventories
Inventory Planning
Process Orders
Transfers / Damage and Waste Handling
Stock Transactions Analysis
Stock Revaluation
Inventory Cycle Count

Sales And Demand

Drive your sales with precision using our Sales and Demand Module. Forecast demand, manage orders, and boost customer satisfaction with streamlined sales processes.

Price Lists (Time Range / Customer Based)
Sales Orders
Reservations (With Auto Expiry)
Order fulfillment management
Customer Classification
Sales Targets
Sales Forecast
Sales And Demand Laptop
Product Catalog

Product Catalog

Easily organize, categorize, and showcase your product offerings with our Product Catalog Module. Efficiently manage your product data and empower sales teams with up-to-date information.

Manage Categories and Sub-Categories
Unit of measures
Product definitions
Material Requirement Planning
Inventory Levels Defaults
Material Requirement Planning
Serial Numbers Management
Product Dimensions Management

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