Efficiency Enhancement

Manufacturing Package streamlines production processes, optimizes resource allocation, and offers real-time tracking, resulting in cost savings and heightened operational efficiency.

Dynamic Planning

Stay agile with advanced Master Production Scheduling, Work Order management, and Bill of Materials tools, allowing you to adapt quickly to market changes and evolving production needs.

Quality Assurance

Ensure product excellence with rigorous quality control mechanisms, including inspections, testing, and compliance tracking, embedded within Manufacturing Package.


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Experience Excellence

Work Orders

Efficiently manage production tasks, assign responsibilities, and track progress. Ensure timely completion of work orders, enhancing productivity and streamlining your manufacturing processes for optimal efficiency.

Create, assign, and track work orders
Monitor work order progress
Allocate resources effectively
Manual or Automatic
(Labor / Utilities / Depreciation / Material)
Cost Allocation
Set priorities and due dates
Smart Waste Handling
Quality Inspection Integration
Bill Of Material Automation
Outsourcing Orders Handling
Work Orders Laptop
Master Production Schedule

Master Production Schedule

Optimize production planning with a dynamic schedule. Achieve balance between supply and demand, ensuring on-time deliveries while efficiently utilizing your resources and minimizing production bottlenecks.

Plan production schedules
Balance supply and demand
Adapt to changing conditions
Ensure timely deliveries
Sync with work orders

Bill Of Material

Define comprehensive product structures, tracking raw materials and components. Streamline the management of product variations, enabling efficient manufacturing processes and accurate cost calculations.

Material Requirement Planning Integration
Include raw materials and components
Track material availability
Ensure accurate production
Simplify product variations and dimensions
Master BOM Generation
Ability to update quantities on-the-fly
Bill Of Material
Production Lines

Production Lines

Enhance production line efficiency by optimizing setups, scheduling tasks, and monitoring equipment. Maintain consistent output, minimize downtime, and maximize resource utilization for improved profitability.

Manage production line setups
Optimize line efficiency
Link multiple machineries
Setup Productivity Plans
Maintenance Schedule
Maintenance Orders

Quality Control

Ensure top-tier product quality through stringent quality control, inspection, and defect identification. Maintain compliance, meet customer expectations, and continuously improve product quality and reliability.

Define inspection sets
Conduct inspections
Identify defects
Ensure compliance
Color coded inspection measurements
Work order inspection criteria for automation
Quality Control
Proudction Reporting

Production Reporting

Collect and analyze real-time production data, tracking key metrics and performance indicators. Support data-driven decision-making, identify opportunities for improvement, and enhance overall manufacturing processes for sustained success.

Production shifts reporting
Track production metrics
Generate production reports
Analyze performance and down times
Update work orders produced quantities

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