Employee Management

Easily manage all aspects of your workforce, from recruitment to retirement. Track employee information, performance, and more, all in one place.

Streamline HR tasks with comprehensive employee management. Effortlessly handle hiring, onboarding, performance evaluations, and personnel records, ensuring a well-organized and compliant workforce.

Payroll and Compensation

Simplify payroll processing and compensation management. Calculate salaries, deductions, and incentives accurately while adhering to local regulations.

Ensure timely and accurate payroll processing. Our HR package automates payroll calculations, tax deductions, and incentives, reducing errors and ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time.

Attendance and Leave Management

Keep track of employee attendance, leaves, and absences. Generate reports, manage leave requests, and maintain attendance records effortlessly.

Monitor attendance patterns and manage leave requests seamlessly. Our HR module simplifies attendance tracking and leave management, improving workforce productivity and compliance.


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Experience Excellence


Efficiently track and manage employee attendance with our Attendance module. Streamline timekeeping, monitor punctuality, and ensure accurate payroll processing.

Real-time Tracking
Shift Scheduling
Payroll integration
Handling External Tasks and Exceptions
Attendance Laptop


Simplify payroll processing with our Payroll module. Calculate salaries, deductions, and incentives accurately while ensuring compliance with tax regulations.

Salary Calculations
Tax Compliance
Social Insurance Compliance
Payroll Templates Per Job Titles or Specific Employees
Departments / Individuals Payroll Calculations

Incentive and Deduction

Streamline employee compensation management with the Incentive and Deduction module. Customize incentives and deductions, ensuring precise payroll calculations and employee motivation.

Flexible Configuration
Automated Calculations
Customizable Rules
Compliance Management
Incentives Deductions
Employee DB 1

Employee DB

Maintain a centralized repository of employee information with our Employee Database module. Access comprehensive employee profiles and history effortlessly.

Profile Management
Document Storage
Compliance Tracking

Organizational Structure

Visualize and manage your company’s hierarchy and reporting structure with the Organizational Structure module. Gain insights into team relationships and responsibilities.

Hierarchical View
Manage Departments and Job Titles
Shifts Managament
Organizational Structure Laptop


Evaluate employee performance, skills, and competencies with the Evaluation module. Conduct objective assessments to drive growth and development.

Competency Assessment
Performance and Evaluation Metrics
Pointing System
Progress Tracking


Manage employee leave requests and ensure smooth leave allocation with our Leaves module. Streamline leave policies and approvals for a well-balanced work-life culture.

Leave Types
Leave Balances
Self-Service Requests
Leave Calendars
Leaves Laptop
HR Business Rules

Business Rules

Tailor your ERP system to match your business processes precisely with our Business Rules module. Automate workflows, validations, and data processing based on your unique requirements.

Attendance Rules
Leaves Rules
End Of Service Rules
Incentive And Deduction Rules
Evaluation and Appraisals Rules
Advanced Rules Builder
Monthly / Daily Calendar Rules

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