Streamlined Point of Sale (POS)

Efficient Transactions: The Point of Sale module ensures smooth and secure transactions. Empower your staff with user-friendly POS interfaces, barcode scanning, and inventory tracking for faster, error-free sales.

Branches Management Made Easy

Effortless Expansion: With the Branches Management module, efficiently manage multiple retail locations. Monitor sales, inventory, and performance across different branches, facilitating business expansion.

Comprehensive Loyalty Program

Customer Retention: The Loyalty module allows you to build and manage loyalty programs that keep customers coming back. Reward loyal shoppers, offer discounts, and gather valuable insights into customer preferences.


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Experience Excellence

Branches Management

The Branches Management module enables efficient oversight of multiple locations. Centrally manage inventory, sales, and staff across branches, ensuring consistency and ease of administration.

Multiple Branches Management
Default Accounts / Inventory Per Branch
Different Invoices / Returns Numbering
Ability to differentiate printouts per branch
Branch Management
POS Laptop

Point Of Sale

Our Retail Package’s Point of Sale (POS) module ensures fast and hassle-free transactions. It supports barcode scanning, diverse payment options, and real-time inventory updates, ensuring efficient customer checkout experiences.

User-Friendly Interface
Barcode Scanning
Inventory Management
Payment Flexibility (Credit Cards / Cash / Mixed / Points)
Sales Reporting and Analysis
Shift Opening / Closing
Reserve Products in Different Branches


The Loyalty module lets you create and manage loyalty programs that reward customers for their repeat business in the form of Points. Collect and analyze customer data to offer personalized discounts and incentives, fostering lasting customer relationships.

Points Scheme Management
Points Expiry
Monitor Customers Point Balance
Points Discounts and Usage
Points Laptop
Delivery Management

Delivery Management

Delivery Management module simplifies order deliveries. Assign orders to delivery drivers, track delivery status in real-time, and offer customers an efficient and reliable delivery service.

Dispatching Management
Assign Delivery Driver
Check-in / Check-Out Timing


Create, distribute, and manage coupons effortlessly with the Coupons module. Boost sales by offering discounts on specific products or during promotional events.

Coupon Code Generator
Expiry Management
Discount Percentage / Value
Coupons Laptop
Packages And Offers Laptop

Packages & Offers

Offers and Packages module allows you to design and promote bundled offers and packages, encouraging customers to purchase complementary products and increasing average transaction values.

Package Product Along With Discounts / Freebies as new SKUs
Offers Expiry Management
Offers Criteria (Customer / Stock / Product)
Offers Discount Percentage / Value

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