Smart Accounting Engine

Financial Package employs an intelligent accounting engine that automates complex financial processes. It simplifies data entry, ensures accurate categorization, and minimizes errors by intuitively capturing and processing financial transactions.

Automatic Journal Posting

Say goodbye to manual journal entries. Financial Package offers automatic accounting functionality that instantly generates and posts journals for routine financial transactions. This streamlines your accounting workflow, reduces manual effort, and ensures real-time accuracy.

Advanced Reporting

Experience powerful financial reporting capabilities with customizable templates and real-time data access. The Financial Package provides in-depth financial insights through dynamic dashboards, helping you make informed decisions and navigate your business toward profitability.


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Experience Excellence

Chart Of Accounts

Simplifies financial structuring with an intuitive Chart of Accounts. Easily create and organize multi level accounts hierarchically to streamline transactions and generate insightful reports.

Unlimited levels
Integrated multi currency
Home currency balance
Automatic coding
COA Laptop
General Ledger Laptop

General Ledger

Centralize accounting tasks with General Ledger. Track, record, and automate financial transactions while generating accurate, real-time financial statements.

Financial statements consolidation
Handle posted and unposted journals
Easily reverse journals
Manage fiscal periods
Monthly closures


Streamline banking operations. Manage accounts, loans, and guarantees efficiently. Automate reconciliation, fee collection, and interest rate monitoring.

Manage bank accounts and sub-accounts efficiently
Handle bank loans and terms
Monitor Letter of Guarantee statuses
Generate payment schedules easily
Record and manage bank transactions
Banking Laptop
Taxes Laptop


Stay tax-compliant effortlessly. Taxing module automates calculations and reporting, minimizing complexity for VAT, income tax, and more.

Define various tax types
Attach taxes to transactions
Generate tax-related reports easily

Fixed Assets

Efficiently manage assets, depreciation, and maintenance. Gain insights into asset utilization and financial reporting.

Track asset details effectively
Manage depreciation calculations efficiently
Generate asset-related reports easily
Fixed Assets Laptop
Payables Laptop


Efficiently manage vendor invoices, approval workflows, and payments. Enhance cash flow and vendor relationships.

Manage vendor accounts efficiently
Record and reconcile vendor payments
Efficiently handle Payable Cheques
Credit / Debit memos


Optimize receivables management. Track customer invoices, reminders, and payments seamlessly.

Manage customer accounts efficiently
Record and reconcile customer payments
Easily handle receivable cheques and manage bank rejections
Credit / Debit memos
Receivables Laptop
Cost Control Laptop

Cost Control

Comprehensive cost management tools. Accurately allocate, analyze, and control expenses, enhancing financial transparency and informed decision-making. Optimize your organization’s profitability with detailed insights and budgeting capabilities.

Track costs and expenses effectively
Set and manage cost budgets
Easily assign cost center per document

Invoicing / e-Invoicing

Simplify invoicing, generate accurate invoices and comply with e-invoicing standards efficiently. Submit invoices to Tax Authorities.

Create invoices quickly and accurately
Handle customer and vendor invoices
Sign and Submit e-invoices to ETA (Egyptian Tax Authority)
Sign and Submit e-invoices to KSA ZATCA (Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority)
Etag Laptop

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