Effortless ERP Customization: Unlock Your Potential

Metadata Customization

Perfecto ERP Solutions offers extensive metadata customization capabilities, allowing you to define and modify data fields, labels, and categories to align with your specific business requirements. Easily adapt the system to accommodate new requirements without the need for any coding skills or external support.

Define/Modify Persistent Fields
Simple / Advanced Calculated Fields
Define New Entities and Associations
Unlimited Metadata Customizations
Metadata Sample Laptop
Action Design Laptop

Actions & Workflows

Streamline your business operations with the ability to design and automate actions and workflows within Perfecto ERP Solutions. Create rules that trigger specific actions based on predefined conditions, reducing manual effort and ensuring tasks are executed consistently and efficiently.

Define Actions
Set Execution Criteria
Automate Action Execution
Create Actions with Wizard-Like Functionality
Simple / Advanced Actions Workflow

Business Policies & Validations

Ensure data accuracy and maintain compliance with built-in business policies and validations. Define rules that enforce data integrity, preventing errors and inconsistencies. Perfecto ERP Solutions empowers you to customize these policies to reflect your unique business logic and regulatory requirements.

Rule-Based Automation
Real-time Validation
Custom Validation Logic
Cross-Module Validation
Validation Rule Laptop
AppearanceRules Laptop

Appearances & Views

Take control of the user interface by configuring appearance rules and views to match your organization’s branding and user preferences. Tailor the system’s look and feel to enhance user adoption and engagement, creating a more intuitive and personalized experience.

Dynamic User Interface
Conditional Formatting
Role-Based Views
View Export and Printing
Distribute UI Modifications To Users
Workplace Designer

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