Streamlined Operations

Optimize your manufacturing processes with advanced sales orders, jobs, efficient packing lists, and precise dimension handling. Seamlessly integrate sales orders with work orders, machining orders, and assembly orders, creating a streamlined production workflow.

Precision Machining

Enhance your manufacturing precision with the Machining Orders module. Manage intricate machining processes, including cutting and welding, with precision control. Generate CNC GCode effortlessly, ensuring accuracy in every operation.

Comprehensive Planning

Achieve efficient production planning with our Planning module. Create detailed production and purchasing plans while seamlessly integrating them into Master Plans. This comprehensive approach streamlines resource management and boosts overall productivity.


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Job Orders

This module introduces advanced sales orders that efficiently handle packing lists and dimensions. It’s closely linked to work orders, machining orders, and assembly orders, offering seamless coordination between sales and production, simplifying Job-Based Production Processes

Advanced Sales Orders
Packing Lists
Dimensions Handling
Integration with Work Orders, Machining Orders, and Assembly Orders
Planning Integration
Job Laptop
Machining Order Laptop

Machining Orders

Manage complex machining processes like cutting and welding or any type of CnC machining process with precision. It provides the tools needed to maintain exacting standards in your manufacturing operations.

Manage Machining Processes
CNC Operations Handling
Precision Control
Easily Move Forward and Backward Between Processes

Assembly Orders

Simplify the process of assembling parts into finished goods or SKUs. Assembly Orders streamline production, allowing for efficient assembly and quality control.

Efficiently Assemble Parts
Create Finished Goods
SKU Management
Assembly Order Laptop
GCode Laptop

CnC GCode Generation

Generate CNC GCode automatically, reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy in machining processes.

Generate CNC GCode
Precision Machining Control
Seamless Integration
GCode Generation Setup


This module enables detailed production and purchasing plans. It integrates seamlessly into Master Plans, optimizing resource management and enhancing overall productivity.

Production Plans
Purchasing Plans
Integrated Master Plans
Streamlined Resource Management
Planning Laptop
Advanced Setup Laptop

Advanced Production Setup

Enjoy advanced Material Requirement Planning (MRP) capabilities and define machining order processes. Link different Bill of Materials (BOM) components to specific processes, ensuring precise control over production.

Advanced Material Requirement Planning
Define Machining Order Processes
Link BOM Components to Processes
Optimize Resource Allocation

Autodesk Revit / Product Design & Manufacturing Integration

Export jobs from the system, use the Revit plugin to create drawings, design products and import packing lists back into Job Orders. Streamline your design and production processes with ease. Or Just import IPT files to jobs to generate related Bill Of Materials and Material Requirement Planning On-The-Fly

Export Jobs
Utilize Revit Plugin for Drawing
Import Packing Lists to Job Orders
Import Designs from IPT Files
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