Comprehensive Project Planning

Efficiently plan, execute, and monitor projects with our Project Management Package. Benefit from advanced project planning tools that enable you to create detailed project schedules, allocate resources, set milestones, and establish dependencies. This feature ensures that your projects stay on track, meet deadlines, and achieve their objectives.

Collaborative Project Workspaces

Our Project Management Package provides collaborative workspaces where teams can easily communicate, share documents, and track progress. Foster collaboration among team members, clients, and stakeholders by centralizing project-related information. Enhance transparency, reduce communication gaps, and streamline project workflows.

Real-time Project Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with our robust project analytics feature. Gain real-time insights into project performance, resource allocation, and budget utilization. Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and generate custom reports to assess project health. By harnessing the power of data, you can proactively identify issues, optimize resource allocation, and maximize project profitability.


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Tenders module streamlines your tendering process, allowing you to create, manage, and track tender documents, bids, and contracts. It facilitates efficient communication with suppliers and ensures transparency throughout the tendering cycle.

Tender Creation
Supplier Management
Bid Evaluation / Pricing Structure
Contract Management
Document Repository
Tender Laptop
Project Management


Projects module empowers you to manage your projects efficiently. It covers project planning, resource allocation, progress tracking, and cost control, ensuring successful project execution.

Project Planning
Budget Control
Task Management
Resource Allocation
Real-time Monitoring

Site Management

Site Management module streamlines on-site activities, ensuring seamless coordination between site personnel, supervisors, and management. It covers site inspections, safety compliance, and reporting.

Site Inspections
Inventory Management
Site Communication
Temporary Labor Management
Site Attendance Control
Progress Billing

Progress Billing

Progress Billing module simplifies the billing process for ongoing projects. It automates billing based on project milestones or completed work stages, reducing manual effort and errors.

Billing Schedules
Automated Invoicing
Billing Approval Workflow
Payment Tracking
Billing History

Document Control

Centralizes all project-related communication and documentation. It ensures that all parties involved have access to the latest information, minimizing miscommunication.

Centralized Communication
Version Control
Email Notifications
Responses Management
Correspondence Mngmnt

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