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Perfecto Projects

Perfecto Projects presents the essential modules that are fundamental to run almost every service based business, while giving you the...

Perfecto Projects presents the essential modules that are fundamental to run almost every service based business, while giving you the ability to control and manage your resources. The Perfecto Projects is the best solution for your business; it integrates internal and external resources across your entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, sales and services, customer relationship management, procurement/purchasing, human resources , warehouses and project management.

Perfecto Projects is considered to be the ultimate business solution that combines high quality & powerful functionalities at a very affordable price. By adapting our tailoring concept and by allowing you to customize your own ERP system, we ensure that you will pay for what you really need.

Report Designer

A user-friendly interface for creating robust reports that include data from multiple types of data sources, with the ability to customize your document printouts using the same tool.


Dashboards provides modern visualization to data, it is a powerful tool that consolidate and arrange charts, metrics, performance cards and data views and it’s 100% customizable.


Scorecards – Key Performance Indicator – Range comparison – Customized criteria

Data Analyzer

A powerful tool enabling you to inspect and model data to match different perspectives, built with data mining techniques, it helps you compare Big amount of data at-a-glance.

End-User Workflow Customization

This masterpiece provides the ability to customize the application’s workflow without any development expertise using Microsoft Workflow 4.0.

End-User Layout Customization

Each user can customize screens layout for better visual interaction, while user customizations are to be stored per user account only.

Application Structure Customization

Administrators can modify the application structure, by adding/modifying screens, fields, calculations and advanced visual effects, in addition structure customizations can be distributed to application users.

Licensing & Pricing

Perfecto Solutions licensing is an Application server based license, which gives you unlimited number of users & unlimited number of entries.
To run your system you need to acquire One License per Application Server.

  • Single-Site Licensing.
    Single Sites requires one application server to run.


  • Multi-Site Licensing.
    Multi sites licensing is customized depending on business size,
    number of sites and locations.


There are 3 different contracting/payment strategies:

  • Cash Payment
  • EBRD Registration
  • IMC Registration



  • Taxing Management
  • Receivable A/C
  • Invoicing
  • Payable A/C
  • Bank Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • General Ledger
  • Chart of Accounts


  • Warehousing
  • Sales
  • Purchasing

Human Capital

  • Payroll
  • Performance
  • Attendance
  • Database


  • Product Catalog
  • Material Planning

Solution Features

Unlimited Chart of Accounts Levels

The flexibility to add multiple levels to better manage your accounts.

Approval Workflow Settings

This feature allow you to set different approvals per document, not only that but on certain criteria also.

Ex.: When a discount is set on sales order request approval from sales manager.

Closing Financial Durations

This feature gives you the flexibility to perform monthly financial closures or even annual closures by using the monthly closures tool you will have access to monthly profit/loss.

Attendance Fingerprint Integration

Linking your system to time attendance devices has never been easier, with this feature your system will record employee’s attendance automatically.

Document Posting

Documents are created throughout the system like (sales orders/purchase orders/vouchers/etc…) with the ability to be saved in the database, while posting the document will initiate the workflow.

Role Based Security

System access is restricted to username and password access , while each user is linked to different roles. Roles are created to define the following permissions (read/write/view) per screen.

Multi Currency

Business nowadays is on open markets, this feature gives you the ability to deal multi currency at the same time (EGP/USD/EUR/GBP/etc…) while maintaining your home currency for better financial management.


Import data from excel is performed with a click of a button all over your system.
Export your data to various formats (Microsoft Excel/PDF/Microsoft Word/Image).

Barcoded Documents

Each document generated by the system is barcoded which will facilitate reviewing back your document by just using a barcode scanner.

Inventory Planning

Linking your system to time attendance devices has never been easier, with this feature your system will record employee’s attendance automatically.

HR Points System

The pointing system is a tool used to quantify your employee’s performance by assigning points per evaluation items.

Notification System

Your internal inbox for various system notifications, with reminders, so you can never miss an important information.

Attaching Documents

This feature allows you to attach scanned documents all over the system, to ease up the auditing process.

Email Notification

All notifications sent through the system will be delivered to your email for better accessibility.

Send Document by email to business partners

No need to export the intended document and then attach it to your mail client, with a click of a button you can send this document to the linked business partner (customer/vendor).

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