HR Data by Month

The “HR Data by Month” allows you to view the most important human resources data, including attendance, payroll, incentive and deductions, filtered by month.

1.   Click on “HR Data by Month” in “Human Resources”. A new window will open showing all the attendance, payroll, incentive and deduction in all months.

2.   To filter data by month, choose a month from the drop box shown below.

3.   The data will be filtered and only the data of the chosen month will be shown.

4.   After you choose the month, you can click on “Post Attendance” so all deductions and incentives for the month are calculated.

5.   The “Incentives” and “Deduction” tabs will be updated with the calculated deductions and incentives, based on the deduction, overtime and machine rules in “HR Business Rules” in “Master Data”.

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