Purchasing Module Reports

You can create a new “Cash Receipt Voucher” from the “Accounting” navigation item in “Collection and Payment”.

There are 7 different types of purchasing reports, we can use these reports by expanding the “Reports” part in the Purchasing Module.

1.   Late Purchase Orders:
is a report containing the records and information of late purchase orders made by the user on the system.

2.   Purchase Order Near Delivery:
is a table showing all the purchase orders that their delivery date is near, also this screen shows all the information about these records.

3.   Partially Delivered Purchase Order:
is a report which contains all the purchase orders which are partially delivered to the system.

4.   Delivered Purchase Order:
is a report which shows all the delivered purchase order to the system.

5.   Purchase Items Grouped by Vendor:
this report is collecting all the purchased items, group by the vendor which the user has purchased the items from.

6.   Received Items Grouped by Vendor:
this reports groups all the received items by the user in the system’s inventory by the vendor which the user contacted.

7.   Quotations Received Grouped by Item:
this report groups every quotation of or RFQ made for an item received by the user from the vendor, by the items.

In the kind of reports, the user has to specify the “Response Date” of the quotation, the “Quantity Requested”, the “Quote”, the “Total Quote”, the “Total Variance”, to filter the quotations made by the user.

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