Deductions can be made for resources payrolls using “Deduction” in “Human Resources” from the navigation menu.

1.    Create a new deduction using the “New” button.

2.   A new deduction will be created with fields that needs to be filled with data about the deduction.

3.   Choose the resource which the deduction will be assigned to.

4.   Specify the date and the effective date of the deduction.

5.   Specify the reason of the deduction, the reason can be either “Attendance”, “Attitude”, “Performance”, “Target”, “Loan”, “No CheckOut Recorded”, “No CheckIn Recorded” or “Leave Without Permission”.

6.   Add a description for the new deduction.

7.   Specify the amount of the deduction.

8.   Choose the target salary of the deduction.

9.   Save and post the deduction and approve the warning message.

10.   The deduction will take effect after posting attendance in “HR Data By Month” screen and will show under the “Deduction” tab as shown below.

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