Sales Module Reports

There are three different types of reports in the “Sales Module”:

  • Sold items grouped by item.
  • Sales order with on-hold stock.
  • Outstanding sales quotation.

And we can check any of these reports by expanding the reports part in the “Sales Order” module.

The first type report shows the sold items on the system grouped by item, and here is the table containing the order information as the customer name, the order date, the on-hold quantity, the quantity, the outbounded quantity, the total, the status of the order and the inventory containing these items.

The second type of reports shows all the information considering any sales order with on-hold stock, as the order are sorted by number and date in the left part of the screen, and the information relating to these records are on the right part of the screen.

The third type of reports is the “Outstanding Sales Quotations” which contains all the quotations offered by the system to the customer and had no response from the user.

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